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Japanese Yen / Euro Exchange Rate (28/02/2024)

YEN/EUR = 0.006121

JPY-EUR Currency Exchanges

Amount In JPYAmount In EUR
1 JPY0.006121 EUR
2 JPY0.012242 EUR
3 JPY0.018363 EUR
4 JPY0.024484 EUR
5 JPY0.030605 EUR
6 JPY0.036726 EUR
7 JPY0.042847 EUR
8 JPY0.048968 EUR
9 JPY0.055089 EUR
10 JPY0.06121 EUR

Euro / Japanese Yen Exchange Rate (28/02/2024)

EUR/YEN = 163.37225

EUR-JPY Currency Exchanges

Amount In EURAmount In JPY
1 EUR163.37225 JPY
2 EUR326.7445 JPY
3 EUR490.11675 JPY
4 EUR653.489 JPY
5 EUR816.86125 JPY
6 EUR980.2335 JPY
7 EUR1143.60575 JPY
8 EUR1306.978 JPY
9 EUR1470.35025 JPY
10 EUR1633.7225 JPY

Last 10 Days JPY/EUR and EUR/JPY Exchange Rates :


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